Thursday, 15 February 2018

It's time for Direct Marketing to adopt a Data Privacy Seal

GDPR: Data Privacy Seal
With the imminent arrival of GDPR and consumer concern about their data at an all time high isn't it time for the marketing industry to produce a Data Privacy Seal? 

The current situation is unsustainable, chiefly because of:

  • Bewildering array of opt-in/out-out design on webforms
  • Bewildering array of super long privacy policies which are often indeciphereable
  • Bewildering array of interpretations of what constitutes safe data handling

No wonder consumers are bewildered when marketing experts are still struggling to get their head around this. Understanding GDPR is one thing, implementing it is another.

This time is now for the industry to come together to produce a uniform standard consumer facing brand to safe collection, processing and storing of consumer data.

An industry created Data Privacy Badge means it could be added to all webforms (anywhere where data is collected). This will give:

  • Confidence to consumers their data won't be sold and will be used properly in line with GDPR. 
  • Confidence to marketers that they are collecting and using data properly
  • Confidence to the ICO that companies are seeking to comply and prefer to use a widely agreed version rather than try to interpret meanings from GDPR

The online advertising industry adopted the widely recognised AdChoices (for Personalisation) programme years ago, the direct marketing industry (which can't exist without data) version is long overdue.

The direct marketing world can only function with the permission of its audience, Today that permission can be rescinded at any point more easily than ever. The answer is to gain long term trust from consumers all over again.

A Data Privacy badge backed by an agreed set of rules means a UK wide Privacy Policy can be adopted by all companies collecting data which the public can actually understand and trust. Stop and imagine that for a second - a standard Privacy Policy that all companies can link to and which everyone understands AND more importantly everyone TRUSTS!)

GDPR should only be seen as a kick start to the process of making consumers feel safe when using their data to infinity and beyond...