Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Robots to run Direct Marketing Industry within 5 years

Image credit: Takahiro Kyono 
Let's face it, rising automation using marketing platforms and programmatic buying are merely tip of the iceberg stuff. 

Lurking underneath is the potential for a vast 'Uberesque' style total robotisation of marketing and inparticular direct marketing.

Back in 2014, Forbes were already making predictions about how marketing robots will easily overcome any human objections in time and so change the future of marketing.

That future is now...

Take a look at all those other industries that claimed gut feel and human instinct were the key to success. We're 15 years since Moneyball tactics cracked baseball wide open. It is probably mostly down to human resistance that further contagion in sports still only ripples across NBA Championship basketball (Golden State Warriors, 2015 winners) and Premier League football (Leicester City, 2015/16 winners). The rise of data, via automation to robotisation is an unstoppable truth.

Stop and be honest - consider how your job may be done better by a robot? Once companies have figured this out (for you), the only big players left in town will be those who can collaborate effectively in partnership with robots. The safe(er) jobs in 'robot marketing world' are likely to be across these areas:

  • Data Analysts/Scientists
  • 'Big ticket' Account Directors
  • C level roles (don't think we're asking for any robot CEO's just yet!)
  • Programmers
  • Creatives/Ideas (but not template design)

As we puny humans, cling on the remnants of the Mad Men advertising era, get ready as we are enter the age of the Sane Robot marketing epoch.