Friday, 17 January 2014

Lead Generation to Become Even Smarter in 2014

Courtesy of Ryan Wick
Many recent big trends in lead generation marketing have been driven by advances in technology. However, these trends only become part of the marketing day-to-day when marketers fully embrace and adopt these technologies.

For example, marketers have always desired more targeting focus on people who have shown initial interest in buying online, but it is only recently retargeting platforms made this approach easy allowing it to be fully integrated into the everyday marketing mix.

In compiling this list of 2014 lead generation trends to watch, I have focused on new technologies and techniques which are most likely to become universally accepted as essential to lead generation marketing this year:
  • B2C Lead Management Platforms (LMP)
  • Mobile lead generation
  • Inbound (click to call) marketing
  • Native advertising
  • Incentive marketing

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