Tuesday, 19 March 2013

5 reasons why you should care about 'One lead'

One Lead
  1. One lead is a human being - it could be YOU!
  2. One lead can be your best customer for life
  3. One lead can be your PR disaster (if abused)
  4. One lead is positive brand reconigition
  5. One lead could be someone you know - family, friend or acquaintance
It's easy to forget when conducting analysis of hundreds of thousands of leads on reports and spreadsheets that each and every one is a person who could make or break a marketing year. That is, of course, assuming you are collecting unique valid leads with real-life names and addresses!

This kind of focus on single lead generation used to be the preserve of b2b lead generation marketing. However, recent advances in marketing automation means you can personalise the marketing sales funnel to such an extent it's akin to the personal attention attention normally associated with b2b client enterprise wins. These days, at the most basic level, there's no excuse not to refer to prospects/customers by first name (no more Dear member!). On a more advanced marketing level, other intelligent automated possibilities include:
  • knowing what they like and don't like
  • what they think of your brand
  • how they like to be handled
  • what they might want to buy next
We seem to be moving away from reactive marketing (abandoned check-out, lapsed behaviour) toward predictive marketing. The challenge is to target people before they fail to complete a purchase or stop opening emails. Anyone who has ever received a 'win-back' email from a brand saying 'Did we do something wrong?' is normally seen as nothing other than a doomed public admission of marketing failure. 

So next year in 2014, we'll most likely see less re-targeting advertising, especially in the face of default 'do not track' settings baked in on new versions of Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Rather, the next gold-rush will be towards pre-targeting. In the past, advertisers have classicly failed to effectively use pre-targeting in most online advertising which has resulted in this perfect storm. Dire click through's on banner advertising combined with massive increases in re-targeted advertising. Re-targeting is effective in as much that it is limited to converting previous site visitors (i.e. the warm prospect) rather than bringing in brand new customers from the cold.

So once the fog of this perfect storm clears, you will see I am not a number, my name is Peter and I am one lead.