Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Detox your Lead Generation campaign before it's too late!

Last year, sales were walking in the door and your performance marketing garden was full of roses. Now things that used to fly aren't flying so high any more. That hard won extra budget only seems to be propping up a stalling campaign. There's no extra cash but something needs to be done - quick!

Don't be tempted to simply cut your way to your CPA target by negotiating down your leads costs and employing cheaper marketing tactics. Instead, put your lead generation campaign on Detox by giving it the five point health-check:
  1. Creative - Time to freshen-up advert copy, email creative, subject lines and from addresses
  2. Relevance - Are your prospects still as interested in the 2011 brand proposition?
  3. Audience - Tighten up the targeting to remove dead wood that's bringing down responses
  4. Incentive - Is that 5% off really pulling in the punters in todays aggressive discounted markets
  5. Conversion - Analyse leaks in the follow-up process from tele-script, email copy to DM pack that can cause those sales to fall through at the final hurdle
Put this plan into action and come Spring you'll be enjoying the results of a fresher more effective campaign.


Albina Z said...

Nice blog and looks better than it used to.

lead generation marketing said...

Indeed the consumer's relevant information is matched and confirmed to the suitable providers and hence those matched leads are sent through a mail to the providers with complete contact information and the requirements of purchasing.