Tuesday, 1 November 2011

99 Problems but the lead ain't one

It's amazing how a concept so basic as generating a lead in order to make a follow-up sale has become so complex.

You take the worst quality leads and get nothing but even the best quality leads can still make zero sales if you haven't got all your lead generation ducks lined up. For example, to generate an effective lead online for call centre follow-up you need to sort out:
  • How are your leads validated - off-line, real-time, third party verification? 
  • How quickly can you follow-up the lead - seconds, minutes, hours, days? 
  • Which creative execution will you use - email, phone, DM, SMS, everything? 
  • What campaign analysis/optimisation to employ - segment, tiers, caps, scoring? 
  • Method of secure data transfer - batch, ftp, xml? 
  • How are your leads tracked - manual, pixel, tagging, post?
  • What business rules are in place - lead reconciliation, brand exposure, data ownership?
  • plus 92 other problems...

The days have gone when you could simply plan and buy all the leads on the market and get a result which is going to achieve marketing targets and keep all the stakeholders happy.

The 99 problems can all be solved as long as the lead ain't one.

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