Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Some leads are more equal than others - Lead Generation NOT List Generation

I have uncovered an interesting trend recently whereby online lead generation (OLG) publishers seem keen to push leads that are opted in via their generic registration form using many advertisers logo's rather than a specific opted-in qualifying question. The result is huge volumes of leads at a lower price without that OLG seal of quality.

Whilst in itself, this may not be a bad idea for advertisers with the right product to sell to consumers. It definitely is a bad idea to confuse this with lead generation. For arguments sake, is it more accurate to describe this as 'list generation' and treat it accordingly.

I do recommend 'list generation' as a viable option for those conducting mass market email campaigns with the ability to monetise the data asset after the conversion process had finished, i.e. selling the prospect file on a CPM basis).

So whilst this is a welcome addition to the stable of data products available on the market, if people could use the term 'list generation' it will not get confused with the typical lead generation market.