Monday, 18 October 2010

Behavioural Targeting - Please behave yourself!

Whilst I welcome the increased targeting techniques of ad networks trawling and storing my every impression and click to serve me better and more relevant advertising, there is one major flaw...

They don't factor in when I've actually purchased!!! I know this because my time on looking at sofa's and my resultant purchase at Dwell in their Richmond branch (yes real shops do still exist) has meant constant behavioural advertising of the sofa I've already bought, weeks past my purchase date. I've bought, you got me already, but I can't switch the damn ads off.

This cyber stalking of consumers with post-purchase pointless advertising could never happen in online lead gen. because it's all about turning leads into sales and then moving on to target the next available lead who isn't a sale.

So stop counting the cookies and focus on counting the leads and the sales instead. And most of all, don't try to sell me the same sofa twice!

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Steve Bent said...

Good post Peter! Very relevant and valid! 

Whilst I love Amazon I fear they are one of the worst culprits here; 
"you recently bought a vacuum cleaner, here are some other vacuum cleaners you may be interested in"

I get the model from a book sales pov, but for items like portable hard drives, iPods, speakers and of course vacuum cleaners, does this model transfer?

Dunno about you, but I tend to leave gaps between those sort of purchases!