Friday, 28 May 2010

CPM Display Coreg Banners have truly arrived

It was the ubiquitous online display ad campaign by Ultralase that finally made me blog about this phenomena. Whereas before their banner approach was all brand and repeat whilst banking on people responding through another channel. The latest leaderboard incarnation features a standard coreg style question - Do you want laser eye treatment? Yes/No. Whilst it pretty obvious, this info. doesn't get captured it is used to engage the consumer and tailor the landing page to optimise clicks and sales. I did wonder what happened if you clicked no! Maybe you click through to a sunglasses retailer instead?

Maybe all display advertising will be co-reg style in the future. Let's face it, what could be simpler than asking consumers if they are in the market for your product before you try it to sell to them.

So we'll see less of, inferred 'you are what you click' and more conclusive 'you are what you want'.

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