Wednesday, 17 February 2010

What does cooking and online lead gen have in common?

You would think absolutely nothing, but the truth is many online lead gen (OLG) publishers blend their sources (sauces, geddit?) in an attempt to give clients what they want - volume and quality of leads.  Whilst this may work for a while, the minute things start to slip there is no way back as advertisers often believe they are buying from a single network and are likely to drop the whole campaign, or even worse, the whole channel.

I am shocked at the number of times I hear advertisers say they have been burnt (sorry, another cooking analogy) by OLG. They often blame the publishers for duff leads, but when the buyers and sellers are both transacting blind with no control on ad placement there is a shared responsibility in managing the quality and volume to acheive CPA's.

One things is certain, there are no short-cuts in using OLG to get unlimited quantities of high quality leads. You instead have to use well honed direct marketing techniques such as test and learn to guide you every step of the way in making your perfect OLG recipe.