Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Need for Lead Marketing

Lot's of chatter about the 'murky' world of Online Lead Generation (OLG). More mis-understood than murky I would say, but then I'm in the game.

The data people in lead gen don't seem too au-fait with blind affiliate network type models which currently dominate the high volume end of the OLG industry. Of course those from affiliate backgrounds are all too familar with the pro's (no risk) and con's which is why affiliate marketing is almost exclusively CPA driven rather than CPL. The con's to a marketeer of using CPA affiliates is that unless your business is about generating one-off big ticket sales you may struggle to sustain long-term repeat revenues from blind CPA sourced traffic. The A in CPA should really stand for Absence of marketing.

Getting back to the young upstart that is OLG - it would be fair for OLG buyers to echo their offline advertising counterparts by musing 'Half of my leads don't work, I just can't tell which half.' Which is why Lead Marketing must come to the fore to create a true OLG strategy across multiple channels and identifiable sources. This Lead Marketing approach should also be underpinned by a Lead Management platform to offer a total transparent picture showing which leads are fat ducks and which are dead ones.