Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Mis-Behavourial Advertising?

Seems to be a lot of press interest picking up stories around who's dropping and who's using ad targetting techniques peddled by Phorm et al. I guess the Big Brother element from a consumer angle is the spin that keeps these going. Afterall, isn't this what the internet supposed to be about in wisely using volunteered information about people in order to serve releavant matter. Otherwise we may as well go back a decade and stick TV on the internet rather than the other way around.

Indeed, I nearly scared the pants of a PR guy the other day when I foretold the possibilities of online lead generation (OLG) delivering real-time contact information direct from interested consumer (via realtime post) to interested vendor. Yes real-time actually means instantly - for once it ain't a marketing buzz word. However just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. Humans are still required amongst this technological wizardary to bring common sense to the table - i.e. don't freak out people by phoning them within seconds of filling out an online form. The few exceptions may be where someone is simply desperate for a loan and would appreciate a call pronto to sort it out (again, common sense must prevail!)

I'll watch with interest to see which company next believes there is more PR captial to be made out of being seen to opt-out of employing high profile ad targeting techniques. However, the future nirvana of personalised advertising is just beginning, it's just that joe public haven't got used to the idea yet...