Tuesday, 22 December 2009

2009 Lead Gen round-up - The Good, Bad & Ugly

  • IAB Taskforce
  • White-label lead gen networks
  • Lead Gen Entrepreneurship - people taking risks and doing something new
  • Misleading opt-in's and dodgy co-reg paths
  • Blind Lead Gen Networks
  • Mis-guided Lead Gen validation software that rejects popular Irish names!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Paying the Price for Content

Publishers seems to all moving in the same direction by beginning to charge for content. I tried to read an article today about Times Online charging but the full story was blocked behind a pay wall - says it all really!

I guess it's like be able to read the front page at a news stand before taking the plunge and spending that hard earned pound on the newspaper.

I do think publishers are missing a trick however. Firstly, make everyone to sign up for free content. Then you've got a millions of opted-in consumers in an instant which can be monetised by CPM email and lead gen. advertising - No Brainer. And if people on the file stop clicking or opting-in just kick them off the file and hence access to free content.

Surely a better solution for consumer and publisher before flicking the big pay wall switch...

Monday, 16 November 2009

Power to the People

Echoing the recent news that Amazon is to reward people with referral fees for using amazon.com links in their Facebook comments and Twitter tweets, I've alway felt turning consumer into marketers was the ultimate destination for every online advertising model.

Should we tag these people 'marsumers' and how quickly will this niche become a force in the marketing space?

On a personal level, I would feel slightly unclean at the thought of cold blooded marketing of third party stuff to my network of friends.

This Amwaytisation of web marketing is a logical step but surely it needs the most delicate of touches/sleight of hand for marsumers to profit and not be loathed for doing so by their following.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

I don't wanna go blind (network)

Advertisers are naturally hesitant when it comes to the issue of using blind networks to do anything other than CPA campaigns. Really they shouldn't be faced with playing marketing roulette, as any network worth their salt should be able to stand up and be counted by their publishers. But of course a substantial amount of inventory currently sits in blind networks so they can't be discounted altogether.

So, if you do go blind make sure you keep your ears open...

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Ad-Tech'ing in the UK

First day of the show - Alot of ad networks exhibiting all seem to be claiming the same thing. Biggest in UK, blind network, exclusive publishers, sell by any metric CPA, CPC, CPL, CPM. But only a small amount of digging makes me sus and believe many are just resellers for other networks (Pyramid selling rules!). Only interested in those with real inventory to sell with the necessary control? Me and my lunch dates joke we should grab our own stand, create a network (Smokescreen Ad Network, anyone?) make similar claims and days later sell the company for a cool million.

Search continues tomorrow for those guys at the top of the ad network pyramid...

Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Need for Lead Marketing

Lot's of chatter about the 'murky' world of Online Lead Generation (OLG). More mis-understood than murky I would say, but then I'm in the game.

The data people in lead gen don't seem too au-fait with blind affiliate network type models which currently dominate the high volume end of the OLG industry. Of course those from affiliate backgrounds are all too familar with the pro's (no risk) and con's which is why affiliate marketing is almost exclusively CPA driven rather than CPL. The con's to a marketeer of using CPA affiliates is that unless your business is about generating one-off big ticket sales you may struggle to sustain long-term repeat revenues from blind CPA sourced traffic. The A in CPA should really stand for Absence of marketing.

Getting back to the young upstart that is OLG - it would be fair for OLG buyers to echo their offline advertising counterparts by musing 'Half of my leads don't work, I just can't tell which half.' Which is why Lead Marketing must come to the fore to create a true OLG strategy across multiple channels and identifiable sources. This Lead Marketing approach should also be underpinned by a Lead Management platform to offer a total transparent picture showing which leads are fat ducks and which are dead ones.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Mis-Behavourial Advertising?

Seems to be a lot of press interest picking up stories around who's dropping and who's using ad targetting techniques peddled by Phorm et al. I guess the Big Brother element from a consumer angle is the spin that keeps these going. Afterall, isn't this what the internet supposed to be about in wisely using volunteered information about people in order to serve releavant matter. Otherwise we may as well go back a decade and stick TV on the internet rather than the other way around.

Indeed, I nearly scared the pants of a PR guy the other day when I foretold the possibilities of online lead generation (OLG) delivering real-time contact information direct from interested consumer (via realtime post) to interested vendor. Yes real-time actually means instantly - for once it ain't a marketing buzz word. However just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. Humans are still required amongst this technological wizardary to bring common sense to the table - i.e. don't freak out people by phoning them within seconds of filling out an online form. The few exceptions may be where someone is simply desperate for a loan and would appreciate a call pronto to sort it out (again, common sense must prevail!)

I'll watch with interest to see which company next believes there is more PR captial to be made out of being seen to opt-out of employing high profile ad targeting techniques. However, the future nirvana of personalised advertising is just beginning, it's just that joe public haven't got used to the idea yet...